Oxygen consumption of zinc-air batteries and theirperformance at low oxygen concentration levels

  • Already existing primary Zinc-air batteries providea high energy density. Due to new secondary cells, its tech-nology can become an alternative for energy storage. Sincethese applications require a big amount of storable energy, theoxygen consumption has to be taken into account. This articledetermines the oxygen consumption of zinc-air batteries duringdischarging. Furthermore the performance of zinc-air batteries atlow oxygen concentrations is analyzed. Both aspects are validatedby practical experiments.
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Author:Andre Löchte, Daniel Heming, Ole Gebert, Ludwig Horsthemke, Peter Glösekötter
Parent Title (German):2018 16th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC)
Document Type:Article
Date of Publication (online):2019/05/20
Year of first Publication:2018
Provider of the Publication Server:FH Münster - University of Applied Sciences
Release Date:2019/05/20
First Page:1
Last Page:4
Faculties:Elektrotechnik und Informatik (ETI)
Publication list:Glösekötter, Peter
Licence (German):License LogoBibliographische Daten