Electrochemical Energy Storage

  • Due to a nonuniform and sometimes unsteady energy yield, a large scale renewable energy supply requires a broadening of centralized and decentralized energy storage systems. On this background, there are high expectations on batteries with regard to various energy storage systems in the near future. In engineering studies, batteries are usually regarded as a black box. However, this point of view is not sufficient and reasonable for the energy storage demands of the near future. Therefore, it is necessary to intensify the knowledge about the advantages and limitations of batteries in engineering lectures – but also in lectures for students of physics or chemistry. The book is written for graduate students from the engineering disciplines, in particular for graduate students of electrical engineering. It should be also of interest for graduate students of physics, chemistry and even industrial engineering. It is not intended to provide a specialized book for distinguished researchers or experts in electrochemistry and/or highly sophisticated battery technology. In particular, the book provides a presentation of the physical basics and principles of electrochemical energy storage. It gives an overview and explanation of the functionality of historical batteries. The electrochemical reaction mechanisms in important primary and secondary batteries are discussed in detail. Moreover, the availability of the relevant raw materials for a growing battery market is emphasized. The book is destined for background reading in corresponding university lectures and useful for self-study, too.
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Author:Reinhart Job
Publisher:Walter De Gryuter GmbH
Place of publication:Berlin, Boston
Document Type:Book
Date of Publication (online):2020/11/02
Year of first Publication:2020
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Release Date:2020/11/02
Tag:Batteries; Chemistry of Batteries; Electrochemistry; Energy Storage; Physics of Batteries
Faculties:Elektrotechnik und Informatik (ETI)
Publication list:Job, Reinhart
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